Elmas Global Security and Shipping Company

company profile

Elmas Global Security and Shipping Company is a leading global provider of security service, comprehensive logistics and transportation solutions. Established in 1975 as an express operator, the company rapidly evolved into a global brand recognized for its customized services and innovative multi-product offering. In January 1999, Elmas Global Security and Shipping Company went public and traded its shares on the NASDAQ stock exchange.

Elmas Global Security and Shipping Company provides a specialist safety deposit box service for the safe keeping of your assets such as gold, diamond, jewellery, media, coins, birth certificates, passports, back-up devices, collectable, wills and lease documents, precious metals or other items securely. All safety deposit boxes are located within a treasury grade vault that has been built to the highest standard and is fitted with the most sophisticated multi-level security systems operating 24/7.

By leasing a safety deposit box with Elmas Global Security and Shipping Company you will have peace of mind that your valuables are secure and out of harm’s way. Storing valuables at home or at your workplace leaves you vulnerable to theft and many other risks outside of your control. Our strict security protocols and our state-of-the-art facilities ensure that your valuables will be protected.

After five years of successful trading, Elmas Global Security and Shipping Company returned to private ownership in February 2002 and continued to expand and excel as a privately owned company, establishing global alliances and gaining stronger brand recognition. Today, Elmas Global Security and Shipping Company employs more than 25,000 people in over 554 locations across 50 countries, and has a strong alliance network providing worldwide presence. The range of services offered by Elmas Global Security and Shipping Company includes international and domestic express delivery, freight forwarding, logistics and warehousing, records and information Management solutions, e-business solutions, and online shopping services.

our mission

To be recognized as one of the top five global logistics and express transportation service providers.

our promise

  • Providing high quality transportation services to all of our clients
  • Invest in our employees to provide better service and company growth
  • Worry about enviroment according to latest industry standards
  • Safety as top priority in assuring safe work procedures
  • Investing in technology to provide fast, acurate and cost-effective service
  • Living up to highest industry standards

Our core values


Always learning

We are relentlessly learning new ways of improving our services to meet the needs of our individual clients.

Latest Technology

Innovation is deeply ingrained in our corporate culture, and has long been a driving force in the growth of Elmas Global Security and Shipping Company services. It originally stems from listening to customers and developing new products and services that address market needs. At Elmas Global Security and Shipping Company, creativity is celebrated and rewarded. Small and big ideas come from all levels of the company to achieve the highest levels of customer satisfaction.

Safety & Quality

Improving processes, eliminating bottlenecks and increasing efficiency of daily operations is an ongoing cycle in Elmas Global Security and Shipping Company. We place high value on maintaining and enhancing quality in every facet of the organization. Therefore we have designed and implemented a quality management system to ensure a consistent level of high standards at all times, and we evaluate these standards regularly and work on technological and process innovations to improve upon them.

Care for Environment

Elmas Global Security and Shipping Company has adopted an environment protection policy which addresses security issues related to the ownership, integrity and accessibility of information, and in particular, risks associated with the use of computers and networks for storing, transferring and processing information. Elmas Global Security and Shipping Company has a strong commitment to protecting its critical information assets against unauthorized access and use, theft, modification, destruction and unauthorized disclosure, and regards the protection of information assets as a common responsibility of all staff.

Providing first class logistics services worldwide.